Notes on green landcover tags in OpenStreetMap

Natural (unmanaged): - Wood (natural=wood): Unmanaged land covered by trees - Scrub (natural=scrub): Land covered by uncultivated shrubs, bushes, or stunted trees of medium height. Note difference from natural=shrub, which is for single plants - Heath (natural=heath): Characterized by open, low-growing woody vegetation, e.g. sagebrush or heather - Meadow (landuse=meadow): Land primarily covered by grass and other non-woody plants, mainly used for hay or grazing. - See subtag meadow= - =agricultural: Hay - =pasture: Grazing - =paddock: animals are kept here - =wildflower: primarily a conservation habitat than production of grass. - Grassland (natural=grassland): Land dominated by grass and other non-woody plants which is left to be wild - Tundra

Artificial (managed): - Forest (landuse=forest): Managed land covered by trees - Shrubbery (natural=shrubbery): Manicured/maintained shrubs - Grass (landuse=grass): Mowed grass - Farmland (landuse=farmland): crops. See additional tag: - crop=: grass, hay, alfalfa, etc.